MiltonRoy metering pump

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Specification of MiltonRoy metering pump:
Flow of single head: 1800l / h max.
Discharge pressure: 12 bars max.
Regulation ratio: 10:1
Steady state accuracy: + / – 2%
The suction lifting height: 3M water column
Inlet pressure: 2 bars max.
Allowed temperature of materials:40 ℃ max.

Features of MiltonRoy metering pump:
Hydraulic end
*The diaphragm is mechanically driven without diaphragm guard on the medium side, which is easy to pass through.
*The material of pump head can be PVC, PVDE, 316SS, high viscosity, slurry and so on which suitable for all kinds of medium.
*Self-cleaning check valve structure.

Drive end
*Variable eccentric mechanism to ensure flow fluctuation smoothly
*Enhanced structure designs which suitable for harsh operation environment.
*Wear resistant ball bearing to ensure the work more stable.
*Oil bath lubrication to ensure the driving parts with long working life.
*The flow can be adjusted when it is running or stopped and the optional adjust mode can be manual, electric or frequency conversion.