PVC Corrosion Resistant Safety Valve

PVC Corrosion Resistant Safety Valves are widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, laboratory etc., also our Safety valve are suitable for air and various kind of corrosive liquids. They are a good low-cost solution for most flow control needs. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) offers an erosion and corrosion resistant material suitable for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial valve uses

Connection type Thread, flange etc. and can be customized
Adjustable pressure 0-1.0MPa, 0-2.0MPa, 0-3.0MPa
-details as per date sheet
Safety test pressure 1.5 times the maximum input pressure
Applicable temperature  -5℃to +80℃ for EPDM lining PTFE diaphragm
-5℃to +120℃ for PTFE diaphragm
Available materials
Materials for Lower valve body PVC,SS304,SS316L, PTFE,PVDF,PP, carbon steel etc
materials for diaphragm EPDM lining PTFE diaphragm,PTFE diaphragm
Material for upper valve body PVC, carbon steel(nickel plated, black oxide etc.), SS304,SS316L
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Safety valve (also known as relief valve) is opened and closed automatically according to the working pressure of the pressure system. Safety valve is generally installed on the equipment of closed system or pipeline to keep the system safety. When the pressure in the equipment or pipeline exceeds the setting pressure of the safety valve, it will open automatically and relief the pressure to ensure that the medium pressure in the equipment and pipeline is under the setting pressures the equipment and pipeline can  work normally to avoid accidents and losses.

Design features

  • With Diaphragm structure spring and the pressure will be adjustable.
  • The medium contacting parts are only the lower valve body and the diaphragm and they are assembled  with sealing rib which has good sealing effect and high sensitivity
  • EPDM lining PTFE with Cloth type diaphragm has a very good sealing effect and long service life
  • The PTFE type diaphragm has a very good performance in high temperature resistance corrosion resistance.
Models Material Dia.(mm) Pressure(MPa) Size Connection
D(mm) H(mm)
RXAF-P6/1.0 PVC 6 0.1-1.0 65 95 Rc1/8”
RXAF-P8/1.0 PVC 8 0.1-1.0 65 95 Rc1/4”
RXAF-P10/1.0 PVC 10 0.1-1.0 65 95 Rc3/8”
RXAF-P15/1.0 PVC 15 0.1-1.0 65 115 Rc1/2”
RXAF-P20/1.0 PVC 20 0.1-1.0 65 120 Rc3/4”
87 145
RXAF-P25/1.0 PVC 25 0.1-1.0 87 150 Rc1”
RXAF-P32/1.0 PVC 32 0.1-1.0 118 200 Rc1+1/4”
RXAF-P40/1.0 PVC 40 0.1-1.0 137 250 Rc1+1/2”
RXAF-P50/1.0 PVC 50 0.1-1.0 160 318 Rc2”
RXAF-P65/1.0 PVC 65 0.1-1.0 178 375 Rc2+1/2”
RXAF-P80/1.0 PVC 80 0.1-1.0 230 410 Rc3”
RXAF-P100/1.0 PVC 100 0.1-1.0 255 450 Rc4”
RXAF-S6/2.5 SUS304/316 6 0.1-2.5 65 95 Rc1/8”
RXAF-S8/2.5 SUS304/316 8 0.1-2.5 65 95 Rc1/4”
RXAF-S10/2.5 SUS304/316 10 0.1-2.5 65 95 Rc3/8”
RXAF-S15/2.5 SUS304/316 15 0.1-2.5 65 115 Rc1/2”
RXAF-S20/2.5 SUS304/316 20 0.1-2.5 85 145 Rc3/4”
RXAF-S25/2.5 SUS304/316 25 0.1-2.5 85 150 Rc1”
RXAF-S32/2.5 SUS304/316 32 0.1-2.5 118 200 Rc1+1/4”
RXAF-S40/2.0 SUS304/316 40 0.1-2.0 150 250 Rc1+1/2”
RXAF-S50/2.0 SUS304/316 50 0.1-2.0 160 318 Rc2”
RXAF-S65/2.0 SUS304/316 65 0.1-2.0 178 375 Rc2+1/2”
RXAF-S80/2.0 SUS304/316 80 0.1-2.0 225 410 Rc3”
RXAF-S100/2.0 SUS304/316 100 0.1-2.0 240 450 Rc4”

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