Pulsation Dampener

Pulsation dampeners are pressure vessels, also called a pulsation buffer or suppressor, are a common component used to stabilize fluid flow systems by reducing pressure pulsations or fluctuations. It is essential to equip metering pumps with this accessory to prevent equipment damage caused by pulsations. Pipeline pulsations and water hammer phenomena caused by volumetric pumps like plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps can be smoothed out with the use of a pulsation dampener. There are three main types of pulsation dampers: Air Pulsation Damper, Diaphragm Pulsation Damper, and Bladder(Airbag) Pulsation Damper. Installing the appropriate damper size in the pumping system can effectively reduce pulsation caused by the metering pump by up to 95%.

  • Air pulse damper
    Air pulsation dampeners are available to enhance pump performance. Pulsation dampers are used for low-pulsation metering and to reduce the flow resistance with long metering lines. Our Pulsation dampers are available in different versions:Diaphragm type pulsation dampener , Air bag type pulse damper and air pulse.
  • Airbag pulse damper
    The airbag-type pulse damper is a device used to reduce pulsations or pressure fluctuations in a fluid-carrying pipeline. It is designed with an airbag that is filled with a specific pressure of air and placed inside an air tank. As fluid flows through the pipeline, it compresses the airbag, causing it to expand and contract. This action effectively reduces pressure surges and pulsations, providing a more stable and consistent flow. The airbag-type pulse damper is highly sensitive and can support much higher pressure, making it an ideal choice for applications where precise pressure control is required. Air pulse dampers use…
  • Diaphragm pulse damper
    Diaphragm type pulse dampers use a flexible diaphragm to separate the fluid from a compressible gas or liquid, while air bag type pulse dampers use a flexible bag or bladder filled with gas or liquid to absorb the pulsations. One of the main benefits of using Pulsation Dampers is their ability to equalize pressure fluctuations in a fluid system, resulting in low-pulsation metering. This ensures a stable flow of fluid and prevents damage to system components such as pipes, valves, and meters. Connection type Thread, flange etc. and can be customized Adjustable pressure PVC materials: 1.0MPa Stainless steel  / carbon steel:…