Airbag pulse damper

The airbag-type pulse damper is a device used to reduce pulsations or pressure fluctuations in a fluid-carrying pipeline. It is designed with an airbag that is filled with a specific pressure of air and placed inside an air tank. As fluid flows through the pipeline, it compresses the airbag, causing it to expand and contract. This action effectively reduces pressure surges and pulsations, providing a more stable and consistent flow. The airbag-type pulse damper is highly sensitive and can support much higher pressure, making it an ideal choice for applications where precise pressure control is required.

Air pulse dampers use compressed air to absorb the pulsations. These different types of pulse dampers can be selected based on the specific needs and characteristics of the fluid system.

The airbag type pulse damper is characterized by its high sensitivity, better pulse elimination effect and can support much higher pressure. Its structure is to fill an air bag with a certain pressure of air and then put the air bag into the air tank . In the pipeline, the liquid compresses the air bag; the air bag shrinks and expands so as to play a buffer effect.

Our Pulsation dampers are available in different versions:Diaphragm type pulsation dampener , Air bag type pulse damper and air pulse.

Technical parameters of airbag pulsation damper:

Max.voltage withstand: 31.5MPa
Material for housing: stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC
Materials for air bag: EPDM and other different kind of rubber,
Materials for sealing ring: fluoro-rubber normally or the same material as the air bag
Size for pressure gauge: 60mm surface, M14*1.5 thread head, M14*1.5 external thread for charging valve Connection.
The size of Interface can be customized


Specifications of Stainless steel low-pressure airbag pulse damper  (preset pressure)

RXMZ-QS0.4/2.5SUS304/3160.4L2.5/5.088270RC 1/2″
RXMZ-QS0.6/2.5SUS304/3160.6L2.5/5.088325RC 3/4″
RXMZ-QS1.0/2.5SUS304/3161.0L2.5/5.0106325RC 1″
RXMZ-QS1.6/2.5SUS304/3161.6L2.5/5.0138380RC 1-1/4″
RXMZ-QS2.5/2.5SUS304/3162.5L2.5/5.0138440RC 1-1/4″
RXMZ-QS4.0/2.5SUS304/3164.0L2.5/5.0138545RC 1-1/2″
RXMZ-QS6.3/2.5SUS304/3166.3L2.5/5.0138720RC 1-1/2″
RXMZ-QS10/2.5SUS304/31610L2.5/5.0216560RC 2″
RXMZ-QS16/2.5SUS304/31616L2.5/5.0216775RC 2-1/2″

Specifications of PVC low-pressure airbag pulse damper (preset pressure)

ModelsMaterialsCapacity(L)D(mm)D1(mm)H(mm)d (mm)Connection
RXMZ-QP0.4/1.0PVC0.4L9011030055RC 1/2″
RXMZ-QP0.6/1.0PVC0.6L9011035055RC 3/4″
RXMZ-QP1.0/1.0PVC1.0L11013834055RC 1″
RXMZ-QP1.6/1.0PVC1.6L16020036882RC 1″
RXMZ-QP2.5/1.0PVC2.5L16020043082RC 1-1/4″
RXMZ-QP4.0/1.0PVC4.0L16020053582RC 1-1/4″

Specifications of high-pressure airbag pulse damper