Metering Pump

  • 2JZ-JM Mechanical diaphragm metering pump
    Mechanically actuated metering pumps, are driven by a motor, worm gears, drive shaft, eccentric and piston. The motor speed is first slowed or reduced down to a desired stroking speed using worm gears. These worm gears are what will then turn the drive shaft at a desired speed and the drive shaft will turn an eccentric which is a type of cam; this ultimately provides the stroking motion of the piston. If you're pumping a dangerous liquid, or a liquid that must not be contaminated in anyway, consider a  mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump.
  • GM Mechanical diaphragm metering pump
    GM mechanical diaphragm metering pump are robust and reliable motor driven diaphragm metering pumps. The stroke length can be adjusted to alter capacity of this pump. Two non-return valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping. Each pump with the reinforced plate to protect the diaphragm. Metering pump are very durable for processing all kinds of chemicals with wide flow rate range.
  • JT plunger metering pump
    Features of JT plunger metering pump: 1. The motor is installed vertically which is safe and leakage free. 2. Various types of insulation pump head are available (steam head, hot water head, electric heating head, etc.) 3. High precision one-way valve set is applied for import and export to ensure metering accuracy and liquidity effectively. … Continue reading "JT plunger metering pump"
  • JTM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump
    Hydraulical diaphragm metering pumps, have the same starting components, meaning they also use a motor, worm gears, and a drive shaft/eccentric/piston of some sort to accomplish the reciprocating motion. However, the piston (usually a plunger) does not come in direct contact with the primary diaphragm. Between the piston and the diaphragm is hydraulic fluid. The … Continue reading "JTM hydraulic diaphragm metering pump"
  • JX plunger metering pump
    JX plunger metering pump is a kind of reciprocating special volume pump, which can transport liquid without solid particles in a stepless range of 0-100% according to the needs of various technological processes. It is divided into plunger metering pump, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump and mechanical diaphragm metering pump JX plunger metering pumps are widely … Continue reading "JX plunger metering pump"
  • MiltonRoy metering pump
    Specification of MiltonRoy metering pump: Flow of single head: 1800l / h max. Discharge pressure: 12 bars max. Regulation ratio: 10:1 Steady state accuracy: + / – 2% The suction lifting height: 3M water column Inlet pressure: 2 bars max. Allowed temperature of materials:40 ℃ max. Features of MiltonRoy metering pump: Hydraulic end *The diaphragm … Continue reading "MiltonRoy metering pump"