2JZ-JM Mechanical diaphragm metering pump

Mechanically actuated metering pumps, are driven by a motor, worm gears, drive shaft, eccentric and piston. The motor speed is first slowed or reduced down to a desired stroking speed using worm gears. These worm gears are what will then turn the drive shaft at a desired speed and the drive shaft will turn an eccentric which is a type of cam; this ultimately provides the stroking motion of the piston.

If you’re pumping a dangerous liquid, or a liquid that must not be contaminated in anyway, consider a  mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump.

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Features of 2JZ-JM Mechanical diaphragm metering pump:

  • Cast iron shell, light with high heat dissipation performance, it is suitable for all kinds of Acid base solution, non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Structured with Cam,no any leakage and it can be installed on the medicine tank or pipe.
  • The contact medium for pump head can be PVC, PTFE and stainless steel.
  • It costs effective and widely used in water treatment industry which with low pressure requirement.
  • The flow can be adjusted at will and the output can be quantitative when the pump is running or stopped.
  • The diaphragm is made of multi-layer composite structure. Using super tough Teflon acid resistant film for the first layer, EPDM elastic rubber for the second layer, 3mm SS304 iron supporting core for the third layer, reinforced with reinforced nylon fiber for the fourth layer, fully covered with EPDM elastic rubber for the fifth layer which can improve the service life of the diaphragm effectively.

Specification of 2JZ-JM Mechanical diaphragm metering pump:
Flow rang: 0-3000L/H
Pressure range: 0-0.8MPa
Drive mode: motor
Control mode: manual and automatic

Model Flow Rate(L/H) Pressure(MPa) Frequency (MIN-1) Dia. Weight(KG)
2JZ-JM1500/0.7 1500 0.7 160 DN40 150kg
2JZ-JM2000/0.5 2000 0.5 160 DN40
2JZ-JM2500/0.4 2500 0.4 160 DN40
2JZ-JM3000/0.2 3000 0.2 160 DN40