Air pulse damper

Air pulsation dampeners are available to enhance pump performance. Pulsation dampers are used for low-pulsation metering and to reduce the flow resistance with long metering lines.

Our Pulsation dampers are available in different versions:Diaphragm type pulsation dampener , Air bag type pulse damper and air pulse.

The air pulse damper is a sealed tank which compresses the air in the tank directly by liquid so as to buffer. The biggest disadvantage of the air pulse damper is that the air inside will dissolve into the conveying medium gradually, it will cause the compressible air becoming less and less and the buffer effect being less and less. The users have to remove the damper from the equipment and empty the medium inside regularly to ensure the internal space, so it will be much inconvenient in maintenance.  But its cost is much lower, so it is suitable for some systems which has lower requirement on buffering.

Specifications of PVC air pulsation dampeners

Capacity Material Models Dia.(mm) H(housing)(mm) H(total)(mm) Connection
0.5L PVC RXMZ-KP0.5/1.0 75 205 355 RC 1/2″
1.0L PVC RXMZ-KP1.0/1.0 90 295 445 RC 3/4″
2.0L PVC RXMZ-KP2.0/1.0 110 385 535 RC 1″
3.0L PVC RXMZ-KP3.0/1.0 140 405 555 RC 1-1/4″
4.0L PVC RXMZ-KP4.0/1.0 140 455 605 RC 1-1/4″
5.0L PVC RXMZ-KP5.0/1.0 161 475 625 RC 1-1/2″

Specifications of Stainless steel  air pulsation dampeners

Capacity Material Models Dia.(mm) H(total)(mm) Connection
0.5L SS304/316L RXMZ-KS0.5/2.5 89 195 RC 1/2″
1.0L SS304/316L RXMZ-KS1.0/2.5 108 215 RC 3/4″
2.0L SS304/316L RXMZ-KS2.0/2.5 108 380 RC 1″
3.0L SS304/316L RXMZ-KS3.0/2.5 140 355 RC 1-1/4″
4.0L SS304/316L RXMZ-KS4.0/2.5 140 440 RC 1-1/4″