Diaphragm type pulse damper

The Pulse dampers we manufactured mainly including Diaphragm type pulse damper , Air bag type pulse damper and air pulse .Our Pulse dampers are widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, laboratory oil industry etc., also Pulse dampers are suitable for air and various kind of corrosive liquids.

Pulsation dampers have an equalising effect. They are used to ensure low-pulsation metering.

Connection type Thread, flange etc. and can be customized
Adjustable pressure PVC materials: 1.0MPa
Stainless steel  / carbon steel: 2.5MPa, 5MPa and 10MPa
Safety test pressure 1.5 times the maximum input pressure
Applicable temperature  -5℃to +80℃
Available materials
Materials for housing PVC、SS304、SS316L、PVDF、PP, carbon steel etc.
materials for diaphragm EPDM lining PTFE
Material for upper valve body PVC, carbon steel(nickel plated, black oxide etc.), SS304,SS316L

Pulsation damper (also known as Pulse buffer) is a kind of pressure vessel which used to eliminate liquid pressure pulsation or flow pulsation in pipeline. It can stabilize fluid pressure and flow, eliminate pipeline vibration, protect downstream instruments and equipment, and increase pump volume efficiency etc. It is a very important and must accessory for metering pump.

Design features

Diaphragm structure, the medium and compressed gas are separated to ensure it with long-term stable operation
The medium contacting parts are only the Lower housing and the diaphragm. The diaphragm is made of rubber lined PTFE, which is processed by multi-directional rolling, with good corrosion resistance and long service life.

Our pulsation dampers are available in different versions: diaphragm accumulators, in-line dampers, bladder dampers and accumulators